Is Career= Education? Most people believe that if they are educated and get degrees, they will have a good career. But we have seen that there are many people who have degrees but are unemployed today. However, the parents have spent huge amount of money and the students have spent 18 years of their life in education without understanding the meaning of the word called "career". So what exactly is a "career" ? Career is what occupies you for more than 40 years of your life. This occupation as a good world citizen, human being and more importantly a contributor to the world needs better understanding. Since a person spends more than 40 years working, the emphasis should be to understand the various possibilities of working and contributing in a manner that makes the person "happy at work", and "fulfilled in life". This will surely make the nation and the world more productive.

Understanding the real meaning of careers as your contribution to the world is very necessary to ensuire success in your life.

Dheya Career Labs is designed to make your child capable and future ready.

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